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District 12 House | Position 1

Maher hopes to upset Condotta for 12th District House Pos 1 (More...)

As a top ranking and senior member of the Washington State House, 12th District Rep. Cary Condotta is ready to take over leadership of Republican legislators. He would like to add at least one more term to his 14 years in the House to help groom new Republicans as they add to the ranks.  But first, Condotta must contend with Dan Maher, the Wenatchee Democrat who believes it's time for a change. (More ...)

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About This Race

General Election | Q&A: Rep. Cary Condotta and Dan Maher | District 12 House, Position 1

Incumbent Cary Condotta and challenger Dan Maher answer three questions from Wenatchee World reporter Rick Steigmeyer.


  • What do you consider most important issues to resolve in the coming year if you are elected and what will you do to accomplish those goals?
  •  Do you think public education can be fully funded as directed by the McCleary decision? What can the Legislature do to come up with those funds?
  • What do you have to offer that makes you a better candidate than your opponent?

Primary Election | Candidate Q&A | In their own words

  • What do you identify as the top issues to be settled in the House next year?
  • Where do you stand on the McCleary decision and the need to fully fund education in Washington public schools?
  • What can you do to improve the NCW economy and create the type of secure jobs comparable to those lost with the mothballing of the Wenatchee Works Alcoa plant?
Read the full Q&A | Click here

Campaign money | What they are raising and spending

  • The chart below is linked to state PDC website and shows what candidates have reported raising and spending.
  • The chart tracks campaign finances for Position 1 and Position 2 candidates in the 12th District. 
  • It includes data for Brad Allen, who dropped out of the Position 2 race.
  • It also includes data for Brad Hawkins, who is running for the District 12 Senate seat.