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District 12 Senate

Hawkins, Wyss battle for 12th District senate seat Read the full report | Click here

NCW — A two-term state rep and an ag company exec go head-to-head for the 12th District’s senate seat in the Nov. 8 general election.

The battle between Rep. Brad Hawkins and opponent Jon Wyss, both Republicans, is considered to be one of the region’s most hotly contested races. Hawkins out-polled Wyss by 2-to-1 in the August primary, claiming victory even in Okanogan County, where Wyss resides. But since the primary, Wyss has gained key endorsements from Republican leaders, including the 12th District’s retiring Sen. Linda Evans Parlette and seatmate Rep. Cary Condotta. 

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About This Race

Q&A: Brad Hawkins and Jon Wyss | 12th District Senate

Rep. Brad Hawkins and Jon Wyss answer questions from Wenatchee World reporter Mike Irwin. (More ...)

Video: Brad Hawkins and Jon Wyss talk with The Wenatchee World about the District 12 Senate race. 

Senate hopefuls say crisis honed their leadership skills

EAST WENATCHEE — The two hopefuls vying in the 12th District state senate race touted on Wednesday their crisis management skills as top leadership qualifications for seeking the vacated seat.

Brad Hawkins and Jon Wyss pointed, respectively, to helping lead a troubled school district out of a financial crisis and guiding fire-scarred Okanogan County towards recovery.

The two candidates were speakers Wednesday at a lunchtime showcase sponsored by the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce that also featured four of six candidates for two Douglas County Commission seats.


Q&A District 12 Senate | In their own words

  • How can the 12th District meet challenges posed by devastating wildfires? Is prevention the answer? Better firefighting strategies? And, what’s the state’s responsibility for post-fire rehabilitation of communities and property?
  • Supplies of irrigation water, farm workers and usable ag lands are constantly in flux. If elected senator, how will you help the 12th District’s agricultural economy stay healthy and grow?
  • You’re both married with young kids. How will family life direct your decision-making on statewide issues? Say, on health initiatives, education funding and availability of the WIC (women, infants and children) nutrition program?
Read the full Q&A | Click here

Campaign money | What they are raising and spending

  • The chart below is linked to state PDC website and shows what candidates have reported raising and spending.
  • This race is the most expensive political contest in NCW this year.